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czwartek, 21 marca 2013

little music

some bits and pieces from Kitty Crowther's workshop I attended a week ago. super-intense five days of experimenting, playing with style, characters and purpose. sounds a little trite but it really was quite amazing. 

towards the end of the course i started developing this little story about a melancholic bird in a yellow coat and a girl who was dating a crocodile.. a possible bestseller, i know. 

if you ever have a chance to do a workshop with Kitty Crowther, don't think twice;  not only is she an amazing artist, but also an excellent (and inspiring) teacher. 

sobota, 2 marca 2013

let's stay home like it's 1981

here's a preview of a preview of Comic No. 1. glad I'm working on it again. there's still a lot to do, but at least it's growing.

then there's Comic No. 2, 20 pages in various stages of colouring. that one should be ready soon. ok, i'm moving countries for the second time in 2 months next week, so that might get in the way.

looks like i've drawn my way through the most depressing month. i swear, the sun came out ONCE throughout entire February. i guess that's what i get for moving to warsaw in winter. now i'm off to (slightly) warmer climates.