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piątek, 23 listopada 2012

studio birthday

so, studio armad'illo just finished one year (happy birthday to us!!), and we celebrated with a party and a small show in the theme of ONE (or rather, our very free interpretations of the concept). I made this 21x29 watercolour called Un Intruso:

Before we popped the champagne corks and went on with the party (and what a party it was!), we also treated ourselves to a proper website; there's portfolios of the studio members, new works and all. all thanks to the mad skills of Nina Cuneo . It's at the usual address: http://www.studioarmadillo.it/  

piątek, 16 listopada 2012

there we go

so.. here is the long overdue update!
first of all, be sure to click through the superfun comic by my studio co-worker Lorenza, made to celebrate the first year of Studio Armad'illo (we're celebrating next week!). Inside, you will find many shocking facts from the lives of freelance illustrators, and a cameo or two from yours truly.
second of all, here are some owls, for no reason at all:
ekhm. moving on: there's two books i illustrated coming out this week (!), one in poland and one in italy. the first one is a children's book written by Paulina Wilk, and it follows the mellow adventures of a cute little bear called Kazimierz -

The italian book, Entra nell'arte del 900, is a fun little guide introducing the collection of Museo del Novecento in Milan to children. i'll be doing some live drawing for the book's conference on november 18th, yikes! here's a tiny preview, i'll post more images soon!

poniedziałek, 5 listopada 2012


here are some distracted sketches of my studio co-workers; there's more on the studio blog.
a real post coming soon, promise!