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piątek, 23 listopada 2012

studio birthday

so, studio armad'illo just finished one year (happy birthday to us!!), and we celebrated with a party and a small show in the theme of ONE (or rather, our very free interpretations of the concept). I made this 21x29 watercolour called Un Intruso:

Before we popped the champagne corks and went on with the party (and what a party it was!), we also treated ourselves to a proper website; there's portfolios of the studio members, new works and all. all thanks to the mad skills of Nina Cuneo . It's at the usual address: http://www.studioarmadillo.it/  

piątek, 16 listopada 2012

there we go

so.. here is the long overdue update!
first of all, be sure to click through the superfun comic by my studio co-worker Lorenza, made to celebrate the first year of Studio Armad'illo (we're celebrating next week!). Inside, you will find many shocking facts from the lives of freelance illustrators, and a cameo or two from yours truly.
second of all, here are some owls, for no reason at all:
ekhm. moving on: there's two books i illustrated coming out this week (!), one in poland and one in italy. the first one is a children's book written by Paulina Wilk, and it follows the mellow adventures of a cute little bear called Kazimierz -

The italian book, Entra nell'arte del 900, is a fun little guide introducing the collection of Museo del Novecento in Milan to children. i'll be doing some live drawing for the book's conference on november 18th, yikes! here's a tiny preview, i'll post more images soon!

poniedziałek, 5 listopada 2012


here are some distracted sketches of my studio co-workers; there's more on the studio blog.
a real post coming soon, promise!

niedziela, 15 lipca 2012

progressing abominably

i spent the weekend wrestling with the comic i am working on right now. i am both writing and drawing it, a first for me; it's proving to be quite a challenge. especially since i am handling a variety of 'day jobs' simultaneously. the original deadlines i set for myself a few months back seem laughable now... i'm still deluding myself that i'll have it finished by the end of the summer. which has just started, right? well, wish me luck! it's going to be a busy couple of months. 

wtorek, 10 lipca 2012

war of the worlds

here's a poster i made for a performance based on orson welles' famous radio drama. it will be on in Wrocław later this month, and will be broadcasted live by Polish Radio.. (the 26th i think). Realised under the outstanding art direction of the show's co-creator Maciek Maryl ("throw in more flames! a tank! and a helicopter!!!").

wtorek, 29 maja 2012

poniedziałek, 21 maja 2012

wtorek, 24 kwietnia 2012

'heart of snow' : coming to a bookstore near you...

...sometime in 2025. just a quick note to say that an in-the-works comic project by monika powalisz (story) and me (drawings) came second at the international pitching at Ligatura comics fesival (Poznań, PL). nice! 

ps. more news and drawings coming as soon as i fight my way through all the imminent deadlines!

poniedziałek, 19 marca 2012

tecnica mista

a little preview from a guide drawn for Museo del Novecento. in other news, i'm off to the Bologna fair tomorrow, second year in a row, along with the rest of the armad'illo posse (guest starring kasia). exciting (and exhausting) times ahead!   

piątek, 24 lutego 2012

czwartek, 12 stycznia 2012

mr. alone

here's the opening panel of  another (very quick) comic i made with monika powalisz this month. i think i'll post the entire thing (a wordless story, 4 pages long) on the website soon. now back to work!